Selected for Moving Docs 2018: A Woman Captured

Hungarian docmaker Bernadett Tuza-Ritter's stirring debut draws a hapless victim of modern-day slavery from the shadows.

A Woman Captured is about Marish, a 52-year-old Hungarian woman who has been serving a family for a decade, working 20 hours a day - without getting paid. Her ID was taken from her by her oppressors and she's not allowed to leave the house without permission. Treated like an animal, she only gets leftovers to eat and no bed to sleep in.

Marish spends the days with fear in her heart, but dreaming of getting her life back.

The presence of the camera helps her realize she isn’t completely alone. She begins to show signs of trust; after 2 years of shooting, she gathers her courage and reveals her plan: “I am going to escape.”

The film follows Marish’s heroic journey back to freedom.

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A Woman Captured - Moving Docs

A European woman has been kept by a family as a domestic slave for 10 years. She is one of over 45 million victims of modern day slavery today. Drawing courage from the filmmaker's presence, she decides to escape the unbearable oppression and become a free person.