Against Gravity : 6 Cities, 1000 screenings, 1 festival


Poland’s biggest documentary film festival is here for the 16th time! Moving Docs partner Millenium Docs Against Gravity takes place May 10-19 in Warsaw, Wrocław, Lublin Bydgoszcz Gdynia and Katowice ( May 11-24) in. It is the only European film festival held in 6 cities simultaneously. The program includes more than 150 films, most of which premier at the festival.

Moving Docs films Push, Citizen Europe and Sakawa will also be screened during the festival. Push, the new documentary byaward-winning Sweden director Fredrik Gertten, is a gripping new film about how global finance is fuelling the housing crisis and making cities unaffordable to live in.”. On the opposite side of this portrait of unlivable European capitals, lies Citizen Europe, a documentary by Angeliki Aristomenopoulou and Andreas Apostolidis about the impact of the Erasmus program on young Europeans    . Last but not least, Sakawa is a shocking insight into internet scamming in Ghana, where con artists cheat wealthy Westerners to escape poverty.

The masters of documentary filmmaking are of course part of the festival program. Among them is Meeting Gorbachev by the director Werner Herzog, Varda per Agnes, the last film made by the recently deceased “grandmother” of documentary and The Trial by Sergei Loznitsa. The opening film of the festival in Warsaw isAquarela, the new film by Victor Kossakovsky. The director, who is known for his landscape shots and  Vivan las Antipodes, will attend the festival .

Do you want to know more about Docs Against Gravity? Visit the website or Facebook of the festival.


Mary Bouli

Cultural Studies student and Intern at Moving Docs