Docs Barcelona wants to break free

Starting with Victor Kossakovsky and closing with Emir Kusturica, the 22th edition of Docs Barcelona is expected to screen a selection of the  best documentariesworldwide. Moving Docs partner Docs Barcelona takes place from the 15th to the 25th of May.

This year the festival offers a wide range of themes in the Catalan capital, with works that reflect on politics, feminism, nature or gentrification, and thanks to the collaboration with Barcelona Provincial Council t will also reach 12 municipalities outside Barcelona’s province. Doc Barcelona also screens Moving Docs documentaries Push and Citizen Europe, in a special collaboration with Moving Docs media partner Arte TV

Docs&Teens section is dedicated this year on breaking stereotypes about the role of men and women. Featuring documentaries about courageous female protagonists who dare to break with gender roles and traditions, the festival aims at raising awareness about gender representation to younger audiences. Moreover three masterclasses will be conducted with three of the most acclaimed filmmakers of the international documentary scene. Victor Kossakovsky, Audrius Stony and Joe Bini (Werner Herzog’s editor) will be there to answer questions and talk to film students about the art of creative documentary.

For all these subjects and much more, 11 prizes will be awarded. Among them is Docs Barcelona TV3 Award for Best Documentary, with a cash prize of 5.000€ and a statuette, and the Amnesty International Catalunya Award for DocsBarcelona. This award is applicable to most of the films with a theme or topic that defends the rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the freedom of speech and the values shared by International Amnesty, and it also shows a remarkable use of cinematographic elements in the fight to transform reality.

Want to know more about Docs Barcelona? Visit the website or the Facebook page.


Mary Bouli

Cultural management student and intern at Moving Docs