Thank You For The Rain educational materials

With its powerful and personal story, Thank You For The Rain, which is now available to watch online in our MOVING DOCS Home Cinema, helps students around the world better understand the issue of climate change and climate justice.

Educational tool-kits have been specifically designed to engage students in topics like sustainable development, climate change, politics and human rights, in combination with screenings of the film. 

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Thank You For The Rain now in the MOVING DOCS Home Cinema

Thank You For The Rain is now available in the MOVING DOCS Home Cinema. Pricing is currently shown in US dollars but the film is available worldwide.

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Thank You For The Rain - Moving Docs

Over the last four years Kisilu has used his camera to capture the impacts of extreme weather on his family and village in Kenya. Travelling to Paris to present his footage to delegates at the UN Climate Talks, Kisilu finds himself on the biggest political journey of his life.