European Film Challenge

Moving Docs is excited to announce its newest collaboration with the European Film Challenge! 



European Film Challenge


The idea behind this MEDIA funded project, started in 2016, is simple: to motivate European audience to watch… European films. Open to anyone, the “European Film Challenge” presents itself as a game to be played on social networks. By uploading pictures that show the participant legally watching a European film, each player can accumulate points. The winner of the challenge gets invited to the next A-Film Festival in Europe (Berlin, Cannes or Venice).

Participants can watch the film wherever they wish, as long as it’s a legal offer: it can be a regular cinema theatre, a local film festival or VoD platform. At times, specific films or certain platforms get a bonus status that grants more points to the spectator therefore encouraging them to watch maybe a new release or discover a new platform or festival.

Greta Akcijonaite CEO of the Lithuanian distribution company Greta Garbo and among the founder of the programme, points out to the direct and indirect benefits of the project for the film industry: “The competitive environment created by the game stimulates the participants to look for ways to accumulate more points and that often means discovering a new platform they didn’t know about: this way the project also serves to stimulate awareness about legal alternatives to piracy.

Thanks to the “bonus film” strategy we noticed that the most motivated players might discover films they probably wouldn’t have watched otherwise, in order to get ahead of their rivals.”  For the current edition the programme is activated in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Serbia and Spain and it already collected over 14.000 users, mainly young people between their 20s and 30s.