Golden Dawn Girls, now available in the MOVING DOCS Home Cinema, for educational use

The educational guide aims to generate debate, critical thought and discussion about the rise of the extreme right in Europe. It consists of an activity guide for teachers, built around the classroom screening of the Norwegian documentary Golden Dawn Girls. The film is now available in the Moving Docs Home Cinema.


The film’s main subject is the Greek far-right party, Golden Dawn, which was founded in 1980, and which has become one of the biggest political parties in Greece. The director has unique access to the party through a mother, a daughter, and a wife, who assume control of the right-wing part, after many of its prominent members are imprisoned. The portrait of three women, whose men are leading politicians in the neo-fascist Greek Golden Dawn party, is illuminating and offers a clear and concise entry point to the subject for students aged 14+.

The principal learning objectives of the activity are to contribute to knowledge among young people about the threat posed by the rise of the far-right in Europe. This includes generating understanding of political ideology such as Nazism, Neo-Nazism, nationalism, populism and fascism, as well as encouraging students to discuss the social, political and economic causes of the rise of the far-right in Greece and Europe and to compare Golden Dawn’s version of nationalism with Nazi ideology.

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Golden Dawn Girls now in the MOVING DOCS Home Cinema

Golden Dawn Girls is now available in the MOVING DOCS Home Cinema. Pricing is currently shown in US dollars but the film is available worldwide.

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Golden Dawn Girls - Moving Docs

Norwegian documentary filmmaker Håvard Bustnes examines the rise of far-right nationalist party “Golden Dawn”.