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  • MOVING DOCS Home Cinema

    Get instant access to these wonderful MOVING DOCS documentaries – critically acclaimed yet hard to find. 

    With most titles, you have a choice of renting the film as a stream or buying it as a download to own. 

    Pricing is currently shown in US dollars, but don't let that put you off: if your payment is accepted, you will be able to watch it.


  • Can event cinema happen online?

    How do we get more people to watch documentaries on the big screen, especially given that regular theatrical releases of docs mostly fail to reach the right audiences? Moving Docs proves that 'event cinema' is the answer – but how can I participate when I'm stuck at home? 

    Event cinema appears to be the one thing that works: never just offer a simple film screening; always combine it with discussions, music, food and drink; better yet, hold these events in unusual places. Moving Docs partners have been good at that: In Cyprus, Lemesos International Documentary Festival held an outdoor screening on a beach, while Doc Lounge in Sweden has gone as far as screening a film in a swimming pool, their audience floating in the water. Slowly, as Fritz Kohle recently reported for Moving Docs from the IBC, the world of traditional cinema is waking up to the concept of event cinema, too.

    But what about those of us who are stuck at home: as parents, due to illness, or in remote places? Do we have to miss out on the rise of event cinema? And what could Moving Docs do in order to make us feel part of it, easily, remotely, virtually?

    It was in early 2016 – when we had to decide on the Moving Docs strategy for 2017 – that we all agreed we should look into virtual screening rooms that would enable us to bring event cinema to everyone – with a special focus on enabling online audiences to participate rather than just watch a one-directional live stream. And with a bigger question lurking in the long term: if such online events could be monetised through ticket sales for online participation.

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  • Moving Docs session with Kartemquin

    At the next Moving Docs online session for all of our screening partners, we’re looking across the pond again for some cutting-edge inspiration for the outreach work all of us are undertaking.

    Kartemquin Films in Chicago have been making social-issue documentaries for more than 50 years – and outreach has been part of that from the very beginning: they’ve always taken their films to the people, they do lots of educational work, and also see themselves as media activists – for example advocating fair use. They’re best known for Hoop Dreams, one of the most successful American documentaries that also triggered a scholarship fund for school children. As an organisation, Kartemquin is not your ordinary production or distribution company either: they’re set up as a non-profit collaborative.

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  • New survey: "Strategic Investments in the Future of Film"

    Here's a new study by Europa Cinemas that may be of interest to Moving Docs partners and the wider industry.

    It shows how – while consumer demand challenges the status quo – those venues that continuously invest are the ones that thrive and grow.

    The report includes lots of case studies of cinemas across Europe and how they function as social spaces.

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  • There's no such thing as a free book

    "There's no such thing as a free lunch," the old saying goes. The new Moving Docs film Free Lunch Society looks into the viability of an unconditional basic income for everyone.

    Now we've got some free books to go with the free lunch. Yet again, nothing's really for free... You'll need to tell us in one sentence what you'd do if your basic needs were taken care of by receiving a basic income from the state.


    Tell us and win a book: what would you do if you had a citizen's basic income?

    Would you quit your job? Pursue your long life dream of becoming a professional drummer? Make no changes and put the extra money in your mattress?

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  • Citizen's Basic Income explained in 2 minutes

    What would life be like if your government made sure every citizen was financially secure – regardless of whether they worked or not?

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