No Film School interviews Alexander Nanau

No Film School sat down to do an interview with Alexander Nanau, the director of the film, Toto and his Sisters.

NFS: How did you approach the camera work to further disappear as a filmmaker?

Alexander: In many documentaries the camera is chasing the action, so that means you always feel that there's somebody reacting. In that moment you feel there's a filmmaker. In that moment you take a step back emotionally. So I really had to adjust the way I synchronized myself and the camera with the action so that you don't feel that somebody is a step behind the action. In order to get to this intimacy, I had a very small team. So in the ghetto, for example, in the room sometimes I was alone and had just mics on them and recorded in a backpack.

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Toto and His Sisters - Moving Docs

Alexander Nanau brings us the astonishing family story of Toto (10), and his sisters, Ana (17) and Andreea (15). During their mother’s imprisonment, Toto passionately learns dancing, reading and writing, while his sisters try to keep the family together in a world that has long forgotten what the innocence of childhood should be. What happens when we discover that we can get more from life than our parents have to offer?