Selected for Moving Docs 2018: Obscuro Barroco

Obscuro Barroco unfolds in Rio de Janeiro, a city of extremes, where we follow the emblematic figure of Luana Muniz (1961-2017) to explore different quests for the self through transvestism, carnival, and political struggle.

With its unique photography and sound design, fictional elements and groundbreaking structure, the film was awarded at this year's Berlinale with the Teddy Jury Award and at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival with the TDF Youth Jury Award. The film starts in a tropical misty forest and follows Muniz's voice in the city of Rio de Janeiro, ‘a factory full of dreams and nightmares, a place of transformation’. Among the costumes and disguises, the bare bodies and impressive carnival fireworks, the film takes us on a journey into a world where identity, age and gender are fluid and undefined. Inside this vibrant world of creatures of the night, the director invites us to question our deeper desire to transform ourselves, both as individuals and as societies.

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Obscuro Barroco - Moving Docs

Obscuro Barroco is a documentary-fiction about the dizzying heights of gender and metamorphosis. It is also a cinematographic hommage to a land of extremes; the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Following the path of iconic transgender figure Luana Muniz (1961-2017), the film explores different quests for the self through transvestism, carnaval and political struggle. In turn, it asks questions about the desire for transformation of the body, both intimate and social.