How Moving Docs boosts its partners' reach through additional content

The Moving Docs initiative, coordinated by the European Documentary Network, brings together many regional and national documentary exhibitors across Europe including festivals, distributors, cinemas, and non-theatrical events.

The common aim is to combine everyone’s powers, both in enabling the acquisition of high-profile documentaries and in jointly developing and delivering audience engagement strategies.

Film & Campaign delivered a comprehensive report on Moving Docs’ online activities in 2016, including a range of recommendations. This new report focuses on developments in 2017, be they results of any measures taken or overall trends in social media use.

As before, we need to state that our company itself has been involved in various outreach activities of Moving Docs. All the more, we strive to provide an unbiased assessment with further recommendations for action in the 2018 season and with a view to the 2019 central funding application.

Download the 2017 report here