The Revolution is not a Utopia

The Spanish website, Núvol, published an article about the DocsBarcelona screenings of Greece: Days of Change.

The documentary, which follows the three protagonists trying to make it work during Greece's crippling economic crisis, urges audiences not to lose hope.

Greece: Days of Change és un xut d’optimisme que, tot i pecar de cert toc naïf, ens ajuda a conscienciar-nos. Ens recorda que nosaltres escrivim el futur, que junts podem avançar i que,tot i tractar-se d’un tòpic, les desgràcies poden ser oportunitats.

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Greece: Days of Change - Moving Docs

In times of recession, here is a portrait of three Greeks trying to take their destiny in their own hands. Could this crisis be our chance to re-invent ourselves and our society?