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Moving Docs brings powerful films to screens big and small – films you may never be able to see otherwise.

We enable a selection of European documentaries to cross borders and reach new audiences all over Europe.

These are films with an impact. They make you see the world differently. And they may even change your mind.

Moving Docs is the very first initiative of its kind, powered by our local and national partners across Europe, managed by the European Documentary Network, and supported by Creative Europe.

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    The old man and the sea – Dolphin Man now online!

    Kirstin Innes about the documentary Dolphin Man, now available to watch online.

    “We sea men are not normal. They call us 'sub' because we really are sub-normal. Because what Jacques Mayol did was not normal. If that had been normal we would have been really crazy.” – Giancarlo Formichi, underwater cinematographer and friend of Jacques Mayol

    A thoughtful, multi-layered look at the life of free-diver Jacques Mayol (perhaps best known to cineastes as the inspiration for Luc Besson’s divisive but world-famous 1988 film The Big Blue), Dolphin Man is a far more complex film than its title would have you believe. 

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    Selected for Moving Docs 2018: The Other Side of Everything

    Mila Turajlić examines Serbia's political history through the eyes of her activist mother in this engrossing doc.

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    Greece: Days of Change – now in the MOVING DOCS Home Cinema

    Kirstin Innes finds hope and solidarity in a film born of desperation, now available to watch online.

    Given how quickly the political landscape has shifted and shifted again in recession-hit Greece in the last decade, it’s tempting to view the aptly-titled Greece: Days of Change, which premiered in 2014, as an historical document. Against the backdrop of the 2010-2012 anti-austerity movement, Elena Zervopoulou’s documentary follows three men trying to regain control of their lives from within the recession, and the different ways they channel their anger and frustration positively.

    Grigoris picking tomatoes on his farm after leaving the city with his children

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    Selected for Moving Docs 2018: Obscuro Barroco

    Obscuro Barroco unfolds in Rio de Janeiro, a city of extremes, where we follow the emblematic figure of Luana Muniz (1961-2017) to explore different quests for the self through transvestism, carnival, and political struggle.

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    Selected for Moving Docs 2018: A Woman Captured

    Hungarian docmaker Bernadett Tuza-Ritter's stirring debut draws a hapless victim of modern-day slavery from the shadows.

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    CMSI Report: "Movies & Grassroots Community Engagement"

    The Center for Media & Social Impact (CMSI), a lab and research center based in Washington DC, has recently published 'Movies & Grassroots Community Engagement', written by Caty Borum Chattoo and Will Jenkins. This is the second volume of a two-volume report about documentary films’ growing impact on legislative change in the US. In effect, the publication advises documentary filmmakers how to develop an effective public-policy impact strategy.

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