A new season for Moving Docs: all films and two special campaigns announced

With a brand new selection of compelling documentaries and exciting campaigns ahead, the innovative doc screening and promotion platform Moving Docs is launching its next instalment. Upcoming highlights include the pan-European release of Christian Tod's Free Lunch Society and a photo competition in connection with the film Dolphin Man by Lefteris Charitos.

With ten new documentaries selected for its 2017 edition, the EDN initiative Moving Docs is all set for jumpstarting another season of doc screenings, including innovative campaigns and special events aimed at bringing high-quality documentaries to new audiences across Europe.

This year, one of the films that will be screened by partners across the Moving Docs network is Free Lunch Society (directed by Christian Tod), which deals with the model of unconditional basic income and how this could be applied to modern societies. In order to raise awareness and strengthen the impact of the film across Europe, Moving Docs will be organizing a pan-European screening of Free Lunch Society on Tuesday, 26th September, accompanied by a Facebook Live Broadcast from Portugal during the Basic Income Earth Network congress. Additionally, Moving Docs has created a short animation that will easily communicate the definition of a universal basic income to large audiences. Short teaser clips and a variety of blog posts will further be used to spread the word about the film and the topic of universal basic income.

Pan-European Release of 'Free Lunch Society'

The following confirmed Moving Docs partners are participating in the pan-European release of the film: 

• Against Gravity (Poland) - 26th September

• Berlin Documentary Film Club (Germany) - 26th September

• DocsBarcelona (Spain) - 26th September

• Take One Action (Scotland) - 24th September

• Doc Lounge (Scandinavia) - October onwards

• CineDoc (Greece) - November

Additionally, a new Moving Docs collaborator in Northern Ireland, New Notions Cinemawill be releasing the film on 21st September in Belfast.

Dolphin Man Photo Competition #MyBlueEurope

Another film of this year's selection is Dolphin Man, directed by Lefteris Charitos. In collaboration with WWF and the Dolphin Man team, Moving Docs and its screening partners will be running a photo contest on the relation between ourselves and water.

The competition is open for entries till December 31, 2017. A variety of prizes await the winners for their best and most inspiring images portraying their connection with the sea, rivers or lakes. More information on #MyBlueEurope and the competition rules can be found here.

All documentary films selected for Moving Docs 2017

Last men in Aleppo | D: Feras Fayyad | P: Søren Jespersen, Kareem Abeed, Stefan Kloos | Larm Film, Aleppo Media Center, Kloos & Co Medien | Denmark, Syria, Germany

Pre-Crime | D: Monika Hielscher, Matthias Heeder | P: Stefan Kloos | Kloos & Co Medien, WDR, ARTE | Germany

Bobbi Jene | D: Elvira Nana Lind | P: Julie Leerskov and Sara Stockmann | Sonntag Pictures, French Quarter Film | Denmark, Sweden

Free Lunch Society | D: Christian Tod | P: Arash T. Riahi, Karin C. Berger, Robert Cibis, Lilian Franck | Austria, Germany

Dolphin Man | D: Lefteris Charitos | P: Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof, Ed Barreveld and Estelle Robin | Anemon Productions, Les Films du Balibari, Storyline Entertainment | Canada, France, Greece

Big Time | D: Kaspar Astrup Schröder | P: Sara Stockmann | Sonntag Pictures ApS,Det Danske Filminstitut | Denmark

Ultra | D: Balazs Simonyi | P: Laszlo Jozsa, Balazs Simonyi, Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof, Hanka Kastelicova, Anna Zavorszky | Speakeasy Project, HBO Europe, Anemon Productions | Hungary, Greece

Burning Out | D: Jérôme le Maire | P: Arnauld de Battice, Isabelle Truc | AT-Doc, 
Zadig Productions, Louise Productions, Magellan Films | Belgium, France, Switzerland,

Normal Autistic Film | D: Miroslav Janek | Mimesis Film | Czech Republic

Thank you for the Rain | D: Julia Dahr, Kisilu Musya | P: Hugh Hartford, Julia Dahr | Differ Media, Banyak Films | Norway, UK

Latest news on all Moving Docs films

Photos: Stills from Big Time and Dolphin Man

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