#UnfollowMe: Amnesty International supports film release of A Good American

Doc of the Month (El Documental del Mes) and Amnesty International in Catalonia have joined forces to raise awareness about mass surveillance and its consequences on freedom, security and privacy of citizens all over the world – an outstanding topic issue, especially after terrorist attacks in different European cities this summer.

A Good American, the film by Friedrich Moser about NSA intelligence offical Bill Binney and his revolutionary programme ThinThread, raises the same questions as Amnesty International’s campaign #UnfollowMe which makes us aware of how government surveillance on our communications has led to a severe limitation of citizens' rights in the name of the fight against terror.


The film, dubbed "a prequel to Snowden" by Oliver Stone, is a powerful tool to make people understand how important the fight against massive surveillance is. As Amnesty International states on their website, “when governments spy on us like this, they treat us all like criminal suspects, and every detail of our personal lives as suspicious. Our politicians tell us they need more spying powers so they can catch 'terrorists'. But there’s no evidence that mass surveillance will help them.”

The theatrical release of A Good American in Spain is reaching more than 60 venues all across the country this month. Local Amnesty groups promote the screenings and take part in Q&A sessions after the screenings. The premiere of the film in Barcelona on Thursday was presented by AI spokesman Daniel Vilaró, spokesman for AI Catalonia and #UnfollowMe. This campaign is the focus of the organisation's Annual Forum entitled “The Discourse of Fear. The Cut of Rights in the Name of Safety”, taking place in Barcelona in October.

For more information on mass surveillance, check this Easy Guide by Amnesty. 

All screenings in Spain are listed here on Moving Docs and (also in Spanish and Catalan) at El Documental del Mes

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A Good American - Moving Docs

A GOOD AMERICAN is a gripping docu-thriller about a groundbreaking surveillance programme, the brilliant mastermind behind it, and how a perfect alternative to mass surveillance was killed by NSA management for money – three weeks prior to 9/11.