Greece: Days of Change – now in the MOVING DOCS Home Cinema

Kirstin Innes finds hope and solidarity in a film born of desperation, now available to watch online.

Given how quickly the political landscape has shifted and shifted again in recession-hit Greece in the last decade, it’s tempting to view the aptly-titled Greece: Days of Change, which premiered in 2014, as an historical document. Against the backdrop of the 2010-2012 anti-austerity movement, Elena Zervopoulou’s documentary follows three men trying to regain control of their lives from within the recession, and the different ways they channel their anger and frustration positively.

Grigoris picking tomatoes on his farm after leaving the city with his children

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The Revolution is not a Utopia

The Spanish website, Núvol, published an article about the DocsBarcelona screenings of Greece: Days of Change.

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Greece: Days of Change - Moving Docs

In times of recession, here is a portrait of three Greeks trying to take their destiny in their own hands. Could this crisis be our chance to re-invent ourselves and our society?