Meet Daphne – our adopted dolphin!

Adoption papers are here and Moving Docs is proud to welcome Daphne to the family!

In parallel to the release of the documentary Dolphin Man, Moving Docs has decided to raise awareness about sea life by adopting a dolphin through the Slovenian Marine Mammal Society, Morigenos

Morigenos is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organisation that works towards marine conservation through scientific research and education. They have been studying dolphins along the Slovenian coast since 2002. Their research also takes places in the neighbouring Croatian and Italian waters.

Scientific research allows them to better understand and protect the dolphin population living there. They know more than 150 individual dolphins from this area, 70 of which are encountered regularly. Today, the Slovenian dolphins are among the best studied in the entire Adriatic Sea.

In addition to research work, Morigenos gives great emphasis to educating and raising awareness about dolphins in the north Adriatic Sea and on the importance of preserving marine environment and its biodiversity.

The dolphin that Moving Docs adopted is called Daphne. She is a young bottlenose dolphin that was first sighted in 2004. She is known as the most acrobatic dolphin of the Slovenian sea, as she loves to jump high and then fall back in the water sideways or backwards. 

To learn more about Morigenos' important work, take a look at the video that our Slovenian partner, Demiurg, has created exclusively for Moving Docs:

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