Inside Greece's juvenile prisons

Marianna Economou, The Longest Run's director, wrote an article for Al Jazeera about her experience inside one of Greece's juvenile prisons.

My film, The Longest Run, filmed in the confined environment of a juvenile prison, against the backdrop of ISIL attacks in the Middle East, is about the outer and inner borders which create further hostility and pain. It is also an ode to freedom and the universality of family bonds and love.

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The Longest Run - Moving Docs

Jasim and Alsaleh are underage refugees in a Greek prison. Coming from Syria and Iraq, they were arrested and accused of smuggling illegal immigrants. The film follows the two friends closely while in custody, during the trial and after the verdict, through a narrative of suspense which reveals how youngsters are forced to transport migrants across the border to Greece while the smugglers stay behind and continue their job uninterrupted.