Solar World Cinema

The mission of Solar World Cinema is to democratize the access to cinema, creating a special platform to screen films with social matters for free, turning public spaces into self sustainable open-air cinemas. The solar cinema brings unseen films to unusual places. Our objective is to raise awareness and stress the importance of switching to renewable energies. This awareness is embedded in the daily life of the audience by organizing free screenings, workshops and cultural activities. Furthermore we are an alternative distributor of independent cinema that reaches an audience in remote places that are normally difficult to reach. We go beyond the borders of the traditional cinematic world. Not only the Solar Cinema itself is an innovative tool that brings sustainable solutions in people’s daily life, but also bringing inspiring content is an important mission. therefore we program inspirational and artistic short films in our ongoing go greener shorts film program: a selection of inspiring, fresh, non moralistic short films that have a green or sustainable message or theme. these short films are screened during each screening of Solar Cinema around the world.

The solar powered mobile cinema brings unseen films to unusual places worldwide with Solar World Cinema |Pop Up Cinema